About Us!

«Dried Foods Ltd» is the leader of the Ukrainian market of meat snacks.We have created the jerky category in the country. Today we are the fastest growing salty and savory snack company in the market. We have earned consumer preference building our business on 5 core fundamentals:

  • superb taste and product quality
  • distinct trade mark
  • strict quality control of ready product and raw materials
  • convenient packaging
  • constant product innovation

Made in UKRAINE!

We manufacture our products in Ukraine using proprietary technology on meat processing equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers.
We apply a strict quality control system and end-to-end process surveillance at all stages of the manufacturing process – from procuring raw materials to validating the ready product.We sell our products through all distribution channels in all the regions of Ukraine and abroad and are proud of our leadership position in the market.We are expanding our business and open to co-operate with new trade partners.


ОбJerky is 100% natural seasoned dried meat.The recipe of jerky goes back to the native tribes of North America who invented this method of drying raw meat to preserve its nutritional and taste qualities over time. Nowadays jerky meat is a popular treat in the US, South Africa and several European countries.Jerky’s growing popularity is largely due to its unique taste and nutritional qualities – high protein content combined with very low fat content.

Обjerky meat snacks are produced from highest quality selected meat cuts. 1 pack of Обjerky contains about 20% of Recommended Daily Amount of proteins, while containing almost no fats.35g of dried Обjerky meat corresponds to 100g of selected meat steak cuts. It is due to the very nutritional value that jerky meat has been a constituent of astronaut diet recommended by NASA. A unique blend of flavors and seasonings renders the taste of Обjerky special, while enabling the reduction of salt usage. We are only using natural flavors to create a unique blend for each of the variants.ОбJerky products are manufactured in Ukraine under a proprietary technology developed by us jointly with Austrian specialists.The meat is dried by convection, which is reproducing the original way of drying the meat, borrowed from native Americans.